Robert Park

Robert Parks

I caught Robert Park at a South Tucson bus stop March 7th, scurrying to the local Social Security Administration office. Although he was busy, Robert enthusiastically shared a bit about himself.

He was “out getting another job today,” and needed a social security card replacement to do so.

Robert moved to South Tucson about a year ago with his wife and 8-year-old child. He also has a 19-year-old he is currently not in communication with which Robert thinks “is a shame.”

He’s worked at multiple fast-food restaurants. “I work these fast-food restaurants, but I shine. I’m a star. I’m not just ‘Employee Robert.’ … I work my way up to as high as I can go.” Robert places little importance on people’s knowledge and opinion of him, but hopes God knows he tries his best.

Robert doesn’t consider himself very religious but sees importance in knowing God and reading the Bible. His relationship has helped him through life’s trials “many of times,” he said.

He thanks all who take the time to hear his story.


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